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Where Vision Meets Structure


About Us.

Luis Davalos Design is a full-service design firm led by Luis Davalos, who brings over 25 years of experience in residential, commercial, and public projects. We specialize in interior design and spatial planning, consistently exceeding client expectations. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships and guarantee your satisfaction with every project.

Our Featured Projects.

Vermel Residence.

This project features New Detached ADU + New Attached JADU, combining modern design and functionality in Escondido.

Yee  Residence.

The Yee Residence introduces a brand-new detached ADU to Chula Vista, offering a contemporary lifestyle tailored to meet the needs of its residents.

DG Residence.

The DG Residence is a contemporary two-story home designed with an open space concept. At its heart is a central patio featuring a beautiful tree, visible from every room in the house, creating a seamless connection with nature.



Battaglia Residence

The Battaglia Residence is a newly constructed detached ADU, offering 1,150 square feet of comfortable living space. Designed with a contemporary aesthetic, this ADU provides a modern and stylish environment tailored to meet the needs of its occupants. The Battaglia Residence exemplifies a blend of functionality and elegance in El Cajon.


Young Residence.

The Young Residence project transformed the backyard into a serene retreat, seamlessly blending hardscape and landscape elements. Designed to evoke a connection with nature, the space offers both open areas and cozy spots for relaxation and enjoyment.


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181 E Orange Ave b2,

Chula Vista, CA 91911

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